Lucile, Lexi and Angelica

Hey there love birds! Were you searching for some kinky lesbian stories ? We’ve got an awesome sex scene for you today as we have three brunette babes that are going to please each other on that big white couch, so it is time that you took a seat and prepare for what was about to follow!

Lexi and Angelica and Lucile lesbian

If at first these three babes were posing sexy for you guys, Lucile together with sexy Lexi and naughty Angelina started their own sex scene! And everything started when they were going to touch each other’s butts! Right after that they were going to start spanking each other and kissing too! Next thing we noticed, that one of the sexy lesbo chick was getting fingered while this other chick was licking and sucking this other chick’s perky nipples!

Lexi and Angelica and Lucile threeway

Then we were going to see them taking turns in pleasing each other by eating their pussies and playing with those wetted fingers! And they loved getting it down in a passional way, so they were going to touch and tease each other while the other chick was going to lick and suck that eager clit and in the end slide those fingers into that fired up vagina! If you liked what you saw today around here, we are also waiting for you tommorow to join us in our lesbian ride with other sexy pics and videos! Stay close and you will have the chance to enjoy other hot scenes!

Lexi and Angelica and Lucile

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